Saturday, 1 April 2017

A change is as good as a rest

As normally happens in our wargaming world, we set out plans for our next project and then someone...possibly at your gaming club...says.."Hey, have you got this set of rules and fancy a game sometime?

Well, the answers are normally..Yes and Yes.

And so it was to be..I Aint Been Shot Mum became my latest takeover priority for a while.
No pictures yet, as it would only be of boxes of stuff.

Decided to go with Germans in 15mm and individually base them on 5p pieces..not 1p pieces..

28mm looks good on 2ps...20mm on 1ps and 15mm on 5ps...height to base ratio looks better.

Having received the Panzergrenadiers Infantry and Heavy Weps boxes form Plastic Soldier Company...also a box of 5 Panzer IV,s for good measure, I have been assembling and undercoating.

More to follow soon.

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