Sunday, 6 August 2017

Warmaster Ancients Palmyran Army...sort of

I normally have about 1 - 6 projects on the go at anyone time.

Along with the Dark Angels, i am working on my Palmyran Army....which may evolve into Parthians due to the fact that I cannot find a Palmyran army list for Ancients.

Also, resurrecting my 15mm ACW Union force which has "been in hiding" for at least 3 years since playing Black Powder.
Have purchased the Pickets Charge rule set and I plan to give my Union chaps a more historical formation by using actual brigade / Division/ regiment details and so bought some more historically accurate flags from the guys at GMB.

Palmyrans...10mm from Magister

I attach 10 guys to their 40 x 20 stand and spray undercoat them black. Some people attach the little chaps to a lolly stick, but i find this quicker in the long run.

Then a quick dry-brush with Mithril Silver (GW) or any other metallics you have lurking around.
Dont be fussy in anyway, just dry-brush and stipple the helms and upper body chain-mail. It will cover other areas, but that will be covered by later processes. This took me about 1 minute per stand.

Flesh for the 2 arms and face added next. I used Foundry's Mediterranean flesh tone...mid shade..for this.

The robes, I decided, would be White. get into the front of the skirts of the rear ranks, is easier than would appear, with a small brush and steady hand. If you cant get to it....dont worry...wont be easily seen anyway.

Got 12 bases of these to do, so next update will show, quiver, scabbard etc probably brown...Bows, which I am doing red and the helm straps which will be Bronze