Saturday, 15 July 2017

Dark Angels Hellblasters

A few Pictures of my Hellblasters squad
Added some Red/Orange grass shades to the dead grass for a more alien look.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Survivor Figures

Just some pictures of 3 zombie survivors that I finished painting a few weeks ago, for use in Skirmish Outbreak. Havent had chance to use them yet as I always get to be the Zed player.

Skirmish Outbreak

Hi guys,

Just a few pictures of our recent game of Skirmish Outbreak. Have played this a few times now and am really enjoying it. Will have to start the Campaign mode soon.

I prefer this to ZombieTV, I have to say...not sure why yet, but just seems more fun.

Relatively easy mechanics. Using a points system, the Survivor player gets to spend, say, 250 points for a medium encounter. With the points, they choose their characters from a range of predefined survivor members and then gear them up. Choose between a cheap Average Joe or go for an expensive Elite.

Zombie controller gets 10 zombies + 1 zed per 100 points of survivor spend.

At the beginning of each new phase / turn, the Survivor rolls 3D6 and then halves the result, rounding up, to get their activation spend....we use small yellow counters.
The Zed controller rolls 3D6 and gets exactly that amount of activation more.
Most things the players can do, results in the spending of a point/token, so bad rolls can lead to some tasty decisions.

I am not going to plough through the whole game mech here, but it is really enjoyable and well thought through. The rulebook can be a bit "all over the place" when you first start but perseverance is worth it.

Hope you enjoy the piccies😊


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Dark Angels

Have assembled most of the 40K boxed set now and have decided to have the marines as Dark I can have Raven Wing bikes😀

I decided to try the GW recommended colour approach which is

Base coat of Caliban Green....bought a can of that
Shade with Nuln Oil
Warpstone Glow...layer
Moot Green...highlights

So, off to the spray booth we went with a Hellblaster squad member and then shaded with Nuln Oil

I decided to drybrush the Warpstone Glow and paint the Plasma Incinerator and belt black.

Silver parts done with Boltgun Metal or Leadbelcher as it is now known. Painted the holster and pouches with Foundry Chestnut Base colour.

A light drybrush of Moot Green was then applied, followed by some Mithril Silver (Runefang Steel) on the metal parts, a drybrush of Codex Grey (Dawnstone) on the weapon. The indicator on the wep was Foundry Vivid Blue base coat. The holster etc was done with Chestnut mid colour and then eyes and a few details were done with Redcoat Red

Final highlights done and then the base was coated with Vallejo effects mud and drybrushed with Foundry Base sand mid and light. Gamers Grass applied (from Great Escape Games).
Some dead grass and red grass for that alien feel.

Some Dark Angel decals applied.
Not sure about the brown colour of the base. It may change to Green.

So, 1 down and plenty to go. The assembly was embarrassingly simple as the box sets seem to be aimed at the beginners market. Therefore, you do not get the variety of poses that you may want, but I am ok with that because the level of detail, it has to be said, is exceptional. Good value for money also, as you get the hardback rulebook, not a cutdown softy, which goes for £35 seperatley, There are 52 miniatures and some guides and dice. So figures around £1 each ?
I have already seen assembled figs on ebay for £2 each...really ?
I drybrushed most of the figure as a speed test for me personally. I normally use the 3 layer Kevin Dallimore style, but that would have taken me about 4 hours per figure, but drybrushing this guy, whilst not the tidiest approach and result, took me about an hour....that is total input time having to allow for drying etc
I am seriously not looking forward to the Death Guard Chaos figures. The Poxwalkers should be relatively straight forward, but the Plague Marines, Plaguecaster and Lord of Contagion are something else detail wise . Oh well, they say That Way Madness Lies.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Not a lot to report


over the past few months, I have been hit with a multitude of time consuming situations which have somewhat curtailed my blogging activities.....dead laptop, dead Auntie, 2 bouts of man flu, serious DIY projects and covering shifts at work.

However, I have made some progress on stuff during the wee hours, such as

1) Decent progress on my 15mm 9th Panzergrenadiers...infantry, Panzer IV's, Pak40's. These will be for Aint Been Shot Mum...and also Bolt Action.

2) Bought and Assembled 5 buildings / scatter from 4Ground for our Skirmish Outbreak zombie game (now skirmish Rager I am led to believe due to some legal naming stuff)

3) Have been reading Pickets Charge rules at work during downtown, so have given my Peter Pig 15mm Union army a bit of a makeover....and bought some more....

4) Pre ordered the new 40K starter set Dark Imperium ( ? ), because I could only get a positive vibe from most everything that I have read about edition 8 of 40K. Have never played it before, but love the figures. Box set came with full hardback rules (£35) and 50 odd miniatures which are very nice all for £95,

5) Bought the new Indexes (not Codexes anymore) for the 2 factions in the box set...and also the Xenos Index that covers Orks...because I also bought the Ork getting started box set....gotta love Orks....Waaaarrghh...

6) Some new Battle Mats arrived from Deepcut is a Sea version with a custom 50mm hex grid and the other is an Urban type with roads and car parking to be used in the above mentioned Zombie fest.

I am sure there are other things that I have gone back to for a while, but I will update my Blog on each of the above topics now that things are back on an even keel. These updates will include piccies, but some may be showing the near finished article due to another problem of camera/phone/ipad non functionality a while all happens at once sometimes.


Thanks for passing this way...keep rolling dice

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Air Brush

Wouldnt it be nice to have an Air Brush ?

Thats what I thought, but the price seemed very prohibitive from what I have seen.

However, having spoken to a guy that works in A & E in the same hospital as me, it seems there are some damn good entry level systems out there...for about £65...including a compressor with moisture trap and cleaning kit....hmmmmm.

I am quite good at painting figures, I believe, but when it comes to larger stuff such as vehicles or scenery, I pretty much suck.

So, an Air Brush could be the answer to my situation and at about £65...why not.

Havent commited yet, but I have been told by my colleague that the Foxhunter range from Amazon are very good entry level systems and having seen his results, I am in the market.

More on this when I buy and unbox.

A change is as good as a rest

As normally happens in our wargaming world, we set out plans for our next project and then someone...possibly at your gaming club...says.."Hey, have you got this set of rules and fancy a game sometime?

Well, the answers are normally..Yes and Yes.

And so it was to be..I Aint Been Shot Mum became my latest takeover priority for a while.
No pictures yet, as it would only be of boxes of stuff.

Decided to go with Germans in 15mm and individually base them on 5p pieces..not 1p pieces..

28mm looks good on 2ps...20mm on 1ps and 15mm on 5ps...height to base ratio looks better.

Having received the Panzergrenadiers Infantry and Heavy Weps boxes form Plastic Soldier Company...also a box of 5 Panzer IV,s for good measure, I have been assembling and undercoating.

More to follow soon.