Saturday, 6 January 2018

Games Workshop (Citadel) Painting App

A few weeks ago, I downloaded the Citadel Paint App....thought it might be slightly useful...and it is free.

This was for iPad.

Anyhow, I set aside an hour to browse through its various functions.

I am actually well impressed. The main menu has 4 options

  1. GET STARTED this shows you a list of various techniques and paint types available and also different brush types to use for said techniques
  2. PAINT BY COLOUR this option provides a list of 16 main, orange, green,blue, brown,grey,gold,bone,pink,yellow,turquoise,purple,black,white,silver and flesh. By selecting a colour (say, Red), you are then shown some shade variations. So for Red you get Scarlet, Dark Red, Bright Red,Red, Blood Angels Armour, Farsight Enclave Armour, Behemoth Flesh and Flesh Tearers Armour. By selecting one of these you are given a "recipe" of which colours are required to achieve the result...Basecoat, Shade, Edge Highlights. At the top are the options to select a Layering or Drybrush technique...this will give you differing results. On the right hand side of each Paint name is a Pot with a Tick icon and a Pot with a Star icon. If the Pot is a black colour, then you have it in your inventory ( more later ) and if the Star is black then it is on your wishlist / shopping list....which you can print out ( more again later ). At the bottom is a picture showing a Marine backpack shown in the colour / technique you have selected.
  3. PAINT BY MINIATURE this option shows you a library of GW painted its all GW stuff, but just pick out the "theme" you are looking for, never mind the actual shape and size and type of miniature. There are over 80 pictures to choose from, so you should find something suitable for your Viking or Gangster figure. When you select a figure, you go down a level to a larger picture with arrowed paint descriptions of areas....then by selecting a colour, you are presented with the same colour recipe as mentioned above.
  4. PAINT BASES this option gives you a range of 15 different basing style to select. Similar to the figures above but just bases. all that?

It took me a bit of navigating, but I eventually stumbled across the Inventory / Stock Control listing.
Well useful...took me about 30 minutes to select from the Citadel Paint range, all the paints that I had including shades, technical, washes and glazes. You may need to print off an Old to New paint name list from, say, Tabletopgamers website.

Having done that, I decided upon a few schemes for different projects to give it a go. When i reached the paint required list, it showed me what I had and what i didn't have, so I selected the ones I didn't have. When I got back to the Inventory screen again, you also have a wishlist...which you can print out for shopping purposes.

Thats it really. It is obviously totally GW biased, but just look beyond that and use it for painting schemes that you have in mind.......AND ITS TOTALLY FREE.....

I must admit, over the past few months, I could be blamed for being a bit of a GW fanboy

All Quiet On Every Front

Well....lately, over the past five months actually, I haven't been "feeling" the wargaming buzz. i have been to our club only a few times over the past two months and then just spectated.

I have still got about 6 ongoing projects at the the man-cave.....probably about 30 really, having checked out the contents of piles of Really Useful Boxes in the attic.

I think I am an obvious example of "Dilution Theory" as purported by Mr. Dave Luff of Meeples and Miniatures podcast fame. Basically, you only have so many hours of gaming per month / year and if you divide that by increasingly more projects, then you achieve next to nothing....Hmmm.

I have a fondness for HP I have bought the Arkham Horror board game and also the Arkham Horror Card game. Not tried them out yet as they are very recent purchases, so maybe in the next year or two.

For Christmas I was most surprised (really?) to get the Necromunda Underhive box from Games Workshop.....well, they didn't actually send me a Christmas present, my partner bought it from their store is what I mean.

Does actually look pretty awesome. It was an old game that they binned years ago, but I have no history of the original, but the components look ace. Say what you like about GW, their figures are superb. I do like the direction that GW are going in these days. Maybe we will see Epic rise from the Ashes.

What I need to do is get my enthusiasm back. This, as you probably know, can come in many forms.

1) What other people are playing.

2) Articles in magazines.

3) Listening to Podcasts, reviews etc online.

4) Film releases

5) TV series.

6) Books in general and probably many more sources.

Lately, at our club, the "Flavour of the Month" seems to be Sword & Spear Fantasy in 15mm, so I am actually working on a Lizardman army...figures from Magister Militum. They are looking quite good and maybe I will post some Pictures later today.

I used to religiously buy 2 or 3 wargames magazines per month, but now I dont. Not sure why. probably because I get any info i need from companies I am interested in mailing me weekly, or browsing the the TMP website and forums.

Podcasts are a great way to help during the painting slog. During the few painting sessions over the past few months, I have been listening to the Meeples and Miniatures podcasts. Sometimes, it does make you feel like reaching for your wallet though.

Not many films or books that have inspired me recently.

TV....recently saw a trailer for a new forthcoming Drama series called Brittania, about the Romans in Britain...for the second time I believe.
Now I know that I will be watching this...and I also reckon that during the watching of said series, there will be a temptation to resurrect my Roman and Ancient Britons projects...Enthusiasm maybe.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Warmaster Ancients Palmyran Army...sort of

I normally have about 1 - 6 projects on the go at anyone time.

Along with the Dark Angels, i am working on my Palmyran Army....which may evolve into Parthians due to the fact that I cannot find a Palmyran army list for Ancients.

Also, resurrecting my 15mm ACW Union force which has "been in hiding" for at least 3 years since playing Black Powder.
Have purchased the Pickets Charge rule set and I plan to give my Union chaps a more historical formation by using actual brigade / Division/ regiment details and so bought some more historically accurate flags from the guys at GMB.

Palmyrans...10mm from Magister

I attach 10 guys to their 40 x 20 stand and spray undercoat them black. Some people attach the little chaps to a lolly stick, but i find this quicker in the long run.

Then a quick dry-brush with Mithril Silver (GW) or any other metallics you have lurking around.
Dont be fussy in anyway, just dry-brush and stipple the helms and upper body chain-mail. It will cover other areas, but that will be covered by later processes. This took me about 1 minute per stand.

Flesh for the 2 arms and face added next. I used Foundry's Mediterranean flesh tone...mid shade..for this.

The robes, I decided, would be White. get into the front of the skirts of the rear ranks, is easier than would appear, with a small brush and steady hand. If you cant get to it....dont worry...wont be easily seen anyway.

Got 12 bases of these to do, so next update will show, quiver, scabbard etc probably brown...Bows, which I am doing red and the helm straps which will be Bronze

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Dark Angels Hellblasters

A few Pictures of my Hellblasters squad
Added some Red/Orange grass shades to the dead grass for a more alien look.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Survivor Figures

Just some pictures of 3 zombie survivors that I finished painting a few weeks ago, for use in Skirmish Outbreak. Havent had chance to use them yet as I always get to be the Zed player.

Skirmish Outbreak

Hi guys,

Just a few pictures of our recent game of Skirmish Outbreak. Have played this a few times now and am really enjoying it. Will have to start the Campaign mode soon.

I prefer this to ZombieTV, I have to say...not sure why yet, but just seems more fun.

Relatively easy mechanics. Using a points system, the Survivor player gets to spend, say, 250 points for a medium encounter. With the points, they choose their characters from a range of predefined survivor members and then gear them up. Choose between a cheap Average Joe or go for an expensive Elite.

Zombie controller gets 10 zombies + 1 zed per 100 points of survivor spend.

At the beginning of each new phase / turn, the Survivor rolls 3D6 and then halves the result, rounding up, to get their activation spend....we use small yellow counters.
The Zed controller rolls 3D6 and gets exactly that amount of activation more.
Most things the players can do, results in the spending of a point/token, so bad rolls can lead to some tasty decisions.

I am not going to plough through the whole game mech here, but it is really enjoyable and well thought through. The rulebook can be a bit "all over the place" when you first start but perseverance is worth it.

Hope you enjoy the piccies😊


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Dark Angels

Have assembled most of the 40K boxed set now and have decided to have the marines as Dark I can have Raven Wing bikes😀

I decided to try the GW recommended colour approach which is

Base coat of Caliban Green....bought a can of that
Shade with Nuln Oil
Warpstone Glow...layer
Moot Green...highlights

So, off to the spray booth we went with a Hellblaster squad member and then shaded with Nuln Oil

I decided to drybrush the Warpstone Glow and paint the Plasma Incinerator and belt black.

Silver parts done with Boltgun Metal or Leadbelcher as it is now known. Painted the holster and pouches with Foundry Chestnut Base colour.

A light drybrush of Moot Green was then applied, followed by some Mithril Silver (Runefang Steel) on the metal parts, a drybrush of Codex Grey (Dawnstone) on the weapon. The indicator on the wep was Foundry Vivid Blue base coat. The holster etc was done with Chestnut mid colour and then eyes and a few details were done with Redcoat Red

Final highlights done and then the base was coated with Vallejo effects mud and drybrushed with Foundry Base sand mid and light. Gamers Grass applied (from Great Escape Games).
Some dead grass and red grass for that alien feel.

Some Dark Angel decals applied.
Not sure about the brown colour of the base. It may change to Green.

So, 1 down and plenty to go. The assembly was embarrassingly simple as the box sets seem to be aimed at the beginners market. Therefore, you do not get the variety of poses that you may want, but I am ok with that because the level of detail, it has to be said, is exceptional. Good value for money also, as you get the hardback rulebook, not a cutdown softy, which goes for £35 seperatley, There are 52 miniatures and some guides and dice. So figures around £1 each ?
I have already seen assembled figs on ebay for £2 each...really ?
I drybrushed most of the figure as a speed test for me personally. I normally use the 3 layer Kevin Dallimore style, but that would have taken me about 4 hours per figure, but drybrushing this guy, whilst not the tidiest approach and result, took me about an hour....that is total input time having to allow for drying etc
I am seriously not looking forward to the Death Guard Chaos figures. The Poxwalkers should be relatively straight forward, but the Plague Marines, Plaguecaster and Lord of Contagion are something else detail wise . Oh well, they say That Way Madness Lies.