Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Numidian Cavalry again

Numidian Horses

Horses are now done. They just need some grass and flock. The riders have been undercoated and base coated. Just waiting for them to dry to add the soft ink and then glue them to the horses.

The horses are painted with Foundry Bay Horse triad of paints and the mains and tails are black highlighted with a drybrush of grey.

I even did the eyes on them.

The usual Vallejo Earth effects paste for the bases and then highlighted with Foundry Base Sand Light colour.

Just thought I would see what the Carthaginian Warriors would look like in a more realistic environment.

Wargame mat and stuff

Solo Gaming ..??

Having a job where I cram a weeks hours into 3 days...which is nice I must say...I have usually 4 days off to do "stuff".

One thing I have been toying with for a while is to try solo waragaming or just run through a new set of rules to get my head around the mechanics.

Problem ....having bought a LOT of figures, I realised that I have no gaming table as such and very little in the way of scenery and terrain.

So...the dining table, fully extended is as close to 6ft x 4ft as to make no real difference, so all I require is a gaming mat, or 4.

Mat, Hedges and Trees

Enter Deepcut Studios www.deepcutstudio.com

I have bought a couple of mats for our gaming club, but i need one of my own...which will probably travel to and from the club anyway.

I decided upon the Wargames Terrain Mat - Fields in the mousepad material. Hopefully this should do for 28mm and 15mm such as Bolt Action and Sharp Practice 2 (28mm) or ACW games of Black Powder or Pickets Charge (15mm) and also I Aint Been Shot Mum or Flames of War in 15mm also.

I also bought a pack of the Dirt Path tiles ( a path in 28mm and a muddy road in 15mm hopefully ) and a pack of the Midland Nature tiles which have copses, rough ground, elevated ground etc.
These will be useful for delineating woods and difficult terrain.

Close up of the mat detail
This is a close up of onr of the Dirt Path section

I have randomly put some of the tiles together quickly to get an idea of how it goes together. Already, I can see that I need more path or road sections for this size mat.

The tiles can be cut with scissors to give you a more irregular shape. Although it is very 2D, it will be a quick fix for what I require. The hedges and trees are from a company that I came across on the web called Amphibmods..www.amphibmods.com.

Close up of hedge

Hedges are nice and are mounted on a rubberised base. These are 15mm versions. 

...and trees

The trees fit into the bases which are included. The bases just need drybrushing and flocking a bit.

I will probably use this quite a bit and also use it as a backdrop for pictures of wip as opposed to an old painting desk. Numidian cavalty are coming along fine.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Numidian Cavalry

 Horses are layered and highlighted using Foundry Bay colour.
Added various colourings to the socks and muzzle etc.
Have to paint the rope. Forgot that bit...Doh!
Just have to glue them to 25 x 50mm bases and then add earth Vallejo Effect paste, grass and tufts.

The riders will be next using Native African Flesh triad...Foundry again.
Not sure whether to do the short tunics all one colour or mix it up a bit...maybe go for a grey and / or buff leather colour

Basing the Carthaginian Warriors

I have finished the warriors and have also done one of the two command stands, which will be similar. Basing done with Vallejo effects Earth and then highlighted with Base Sand colour from Foundry. I only do 1 highlight.

 Here I have added some grass and tufts using Gamers Grass range which I buy from Great Escape Games
One or two or maybe three units here finished.
The number of units will depend upon the rules used probably but I am pleased with the finished guys and they didnt take as long as my old method of 3 colour layering for each figure.

Anyways...back on with the Numidian Cavalry

Numidian Cavalry

The next unit for my Carthaginian army is going to be some Numidian Cavalry.

The Numidians were nomadic tribesman from modern Algeria and they and their land was so named by the Romans....Numidia meaning land of the Nomads.

The Numidians relied exclusively on the horse as a means of transport and as a result, their warriors were born horsemen, living on horseback from an early age. They did not use a bit or bridle and rode bareback with only a neck strap of plaited rope for harness and using voice commands and a stick to guide their mounts.

The Numidians wore only a simple short sleeveless tunic gathered at the waist by a belt of mainly plaited rope.They were armed with javelins and light spears and their only protection was a small shield and their own agility. They may have had a secondary weapon of a dagger, but more than likely a sling, for when fighting dismounted.

The Numidians were the classic light horse....using their speed and agility to dart towards the enemy, hurl their javelins, then retreat befor the enemy could strike back or make contact.

Numidians fought for both Carthage and Rome during the Punic Wars and at Zama, the Numidians could be found fighting for both sides.

So, no horse furniture and just a simple tunic for the rider...should be a simple paint job.

These guys are from Victrix and you get 12 in a bag/box.

The horses were spray undercoated with a brown colour as all the horses will be brown. I will be using the Foundry Paint Bay Brown triad which gives a nice appearance.

Here they have been sprayed and the base coat of the Bay Horse triad has been done. The riders have been undercoated black and just sat on the horses for effect.
I have looked on google for Bay Horse images and apart from the many pubs that appear, you get a better idea of what actual horses should be like, so i will try to be as real as possible.

Ok...off to finish them. More later